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What do you in a therapy session?


There is no such thing as a standard or normal therapy session. As we are Integrative therapists, we are trained to work with a broad range of tools including talking and play / arts therapy. We offer a variety of media, which could include sand, painting, drawing, clay, music, puppetry, movement, drama, storytelling and writing.  


Children and young people sometimes find it hard to know or express how they feel.  We use different methods that enable them to show what may be going on for them, in ways that feel safe and non-threatening. We help them make sense of their feelings and experiences. ​As every child and young person is unique, therapy is tailored for each individual depending on their level of need.


​We do not diagnose children, find a cure or to tell them what to do – we offer a safe space which enables the child or young person to be themselves, to share their current difficulties and explore how they are feeling. ​Sessions are usually weekly and 50 minutes in length. They are held in the same room and at the same time every week in order to ensure consistency. Should the need arise, and in consultation with the parent or carer, we can refer a child to other healthcare agencies.  We will also disclose to a relevant professional if we feel a child is being harmed by someone, at risk of being harmed, harming themselves or another in order to uphold child protection and safeguarding policies.


Therapy can be short-term or long-term – we have worked with clients from 6 weeks up to several years. The length of therapy will depend on your child, their level of need and their current difficulties.

We will initially undertake an assessment with you and the child or young person to understand more about what they may require. A contract will be agreed between you, the child or young person and the therapist to agree a duration of therapy which will be reviewed on a regular basis and can be changed if necessary.


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