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There are many reasons why people seek the support of a therapist. Maybe you are experiencing problems in your life at work, home or in relationships, and you do not fully understand why. Perhaps you have been through early trauma or traumatic experiences that are having difficulty coming to terms with. You may have been bereaved, separated, divorced or are struggling to find fulfilling relationships in your life. You may have financial problems, debt or addiction.


We work with a range of issues, including:


  • addiction

  • anger/ frustration/ aggression

  • anxiety / panic attacks

  • bereavement and loss

  • depression

  • divorce/ separation

  • domestic violence

  • eating disorders

  • low-self esteem / confidence

  • phobias

  • relationship difficulties

  • self-harm

  • sexual problems

  • substance misuse

  • suicidal ideation

  • traumatic events / abuse (sexual/physical/emotional)

Sharing experiences, difficulties and feelings with someone who is not connected to your life and is non-judgemental can help you make sense of what has happened or is happening. We work in partnership with you.


How does it work?

We offer an initial assessment to understand  your current difficulties and to talk through together what sort of help you are looking for.  After the assessment we discuss whether you are happy to continue and start therapy or whether you would like to find support elsewhere – it may be that we are not suitable to work together or that you require a different kind of support that we are unable to offer.


If we agree to begin therapy, then a therapeutic contract is made, setting out the expected duration of the therapy, where and when we will meet, and the cost.


Therapy can be short-term or long-term – we discuss with you what is appropriate for your circumstances as everyone has different needs.



What sort of therapy do you offer?

There are many different sorts of approaches offered by therapists which can be confusing for clients. At Holding Mind, we offer integrative therapy – this means we tailor therapy sessions for the individual client as each person will need something different.  We believe in accepting the person as they are and that everyone has the capacity within themselves to heal their own life. We believe in being facilitators and empowering clients – we are not there to give advice or tell you what to do. Being integrative, we draw upon many different psychological theories and approaches. At the heart of our work is the belief in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and that through this the client will have different experiences of relating with others which leads to positive shifts, over time in their lives.

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